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Vocal Lessons

We are constantly asked what a singer can do to improve their chance of getting a record deal. Our best answer is to simply improve their voice. Also, take the time to sing more, take singing lessons, and lots of practice.

But to practice singing without understanding what you're doing could be a waste of time. Singing lessons will definitely help, and if you are in the New York City area and you feel personal one-on-one lessons might be for you, visit our friends at TruVoice Studios NYC here

But while private voice lessons can be very helpful (and really what we recommend), they can also be very costly.

There is another option, which is the Brett Manning course. One reason we suggest this singing course to our clients is that it makes our lives easier.  When a singer comes in prepared, singing totally in pitch and with good control, we can always get a better vocal performance.  

If you're in the process of recording your music demo, or you just want to improve your voice for auditions and live performances and take your singing to the next level, (or just learn to sing) we strongly recoomend that you check out Brett Manning's vocal instruction course. He takes you through every aspect of singing and teaches you how to do runs, improve your tone, sustain and pitch, increase your vocal range, develop a style, etc. Brett has taught vocal lessons to Grammy winners, singing stars on Broadway and more.  He also guarantee's a full octave increase in your vocal range.

A few of our clients went from being an okay singer to a viable studio singer in just a few months of working with this singing lesson course. If you're really serious about singing, this vocal instruction program just might benefit you. 

If this sounds like something of interested, please feel free to check out Brett's website below. You can also search the program on, we currently stand behind it because overall it gets great reviews by those who have actually used it.